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Why we prioritise road connectivity in our real estate markets

Posted by admin on July 13, 2022

Road connectivity remains an important aspect in real estate majorly because localities with great road connectivity or network ably maximize the economic and social benefits. A good road infrastructure plays a significant role in development of the communities as almost many activities here remain dependent on road connectivity.

This is largely the reason why in our real estate markets we priotise road connectivity and network at the end result of our potential clients is social-economic transformation. Quality roads reduce travel time to do business, to work places and access to other social activities like schools and health facilities, reduces expenses on transport. It also makes it easier for emergency services like police, fire brigade and ambulances.

Some of the localities where road connectivity has played an influential part in real estate development. Mbarara city together with local governments surrounding it have realized this important aspect in development and have thus strived to priotise road connectivity and network.

Quality of life, health solutions, security measures are the major concerns which residential and commercial buyers prefer while buying the property. Demand of the properties is majorly seen where the road connectivity and transport facilities are greater. Builders and developers are more concerned about buyers and they try to give home buyers an easy access to workplaces and other facilities from their properties and hence the localities with great road connectivity are mostly preferred.

For example the road connecting Mbarara city to Mbarara industrial hub in Rushozi-Rubaya in Mbarara district. The road off Mbarara-Masaka road in Biharwe to Rubaya –Rushozi and then to Bwizibwera has a first class Marrum and has been identified by the government for tarmacking because of its development potential. This road also has other interlinking roads connecting to Kiruhura district including Ruhengyere Government ranch that has among others a training center in livestock services also a potential area to tap in for commercial and rental business but also a residential home.

The Rushozi Industrial area is now fast developing in both commercial and residential sectors majorly because of its connectivity not to Mbarara city but other major growing towns like Biharwe and Bwizibwera.
Mbarara city-Northern Bypass-Kanyankore –Mutonto –Rubaya-Bwizibwera road, is also well connected with potential and economically viable areas. It’s connected to major industrial and commercial sectors in Mbarara city and Mbarara district.

Other major connectivity roads in Mbarara and surrounding areas include Mbarara city-Bishop-Stuart-Rukuba road to Isingiro district. Unlike other areas sharing River Rwizi and facing connectivity challenges this area is very passable and any potential investor should have no worries.

But also the government is this financial year set to construct a permanent bridge along river Rwizi connecting to Karugangama -Katete through Masha in Isingiro district.

It’s no secret that road connectivity is very important in real estate growth, it’s no doubt that at Amity Realtors we have prioritised road connectivity in all our real estate markets.
Photos: Were taken at River Rwizi Western Bypass in Mbarara

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