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Why site location and substandard housing remain major health concern in real estate sector

Posted by admin on November 18, 2020

Some peoples dream is to get a piece of land anywhere in town or city, construct a home or residence as long as that person gets relieved especially from the landlord -tenant squabbles. A good number of people after getting money just rush to buy a plot/land, the next thing they think of is to start building.

Yes, buying land and owning a home or residence is one of the key milestones in life but it has to be a safe place to live so that it can transform the quality of life of individuals and homes.

But Mr Samuel Barigye, a public health professional in Mbarara cautions that buying land and developing it(construction) without considering the good health of a future occupant or ignoring health concerns is a very big mistake and costly both in terms of life and money. He says one of the biggest challenges resulting from this is substandard housing.

Substandard housing is not housing that is old or outdated. It is housing that poses a risk to the health and physical well-being of its occupants, neighbours and visitors. Substandard housing brings increased risk of disease and decreased mental health to the families and individuals who live there.

Before buying land in an area you need to consider its sanitation as poor sanitation can lead to infectious diseases for example cholera and transmission of respiratory infections. Poor sanitation includes lack of safe and clean water, ineffective sewerage disposal, crowding.

Also buying land close to water bodies and wetlands leads to damp, cold and moldy housing which increases risks of cardiovascular, respiratory and rheumatoid disease.

Crowded sites or locations are always cheap but this should not be a driving force to settle herein crowded housing because there are high rates of infectious disease transmission like cholera, and also prone to accidents so be careful when you are to settle here.

Neighborhood effect; location of your house is also essential .For example residing near a factory, taxi or bus park, dusty road, you have to be aware of air quality challenges (pollution) because of emissions. Air quality both (indoor and outdoor) is very important for every home or residence. Also consider proper waste disposal.

Way forward, a professional real estate market remains important in guiding his clients on details of good site location ,that’s why at Amity Realtors we remain committed to securing markets in areas that are safe but also potential to transform quality of lives to individuals and families. For example our estates in Katojo, Igongo, Kakoma, Biharwe and Rwenjeru are in locations ideal for standard housing projects.

For more information call 0200931453/0394883574, Whatsapp 0777564588 or visit Kyosiga House Level 2 Room 305. You can also check out our website for the available listings.

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