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Urban land; own one today or get trapped in the urban influx web

Posted by admin on November 10, 2020

As more people choose to live in towns and cities than before, such areas will soon face a challenge of land crisis and you may be one of those that may be caught up in this web if owning land or property in the town or city is not your priority today.

As urban population grows ,land not only becomes scarce but also its price skyrockets, so saving and making the purchase of land a priority will save you from future hurdles that include not even getting a chance to settle or own your own land or property in the town or city.

But also urban land becomes an ideal investment as towns and cities grow. For example in Mbarara city land is now a hot item as many people come for livelihood here. This means those that invested in land previously are now reaping handsomely.

Unlike investing in other businesses, land is an investment that is less risky but also whose value never depreciates even whether other financial markets are shaky urban land remains a good investment.
As investment and the mad rush for land is increasing rapidly don’t get caught in the growing urbanization population explosion and find yourself disadvantaged to own land.

But also forget about constructions on that land, the growing urban population needs to be fed, you can capitalize on this population to engage in urban farming. On your small plot/s you can start poultry, goat rearing, and urban farming. These have an already market.

At Amity Realtors we have land in and around Mbarara city, the interesting thing is that you can even pay in installments but also some of our lands go as cheap as in the range of Shs 3.5M-5M. We have several plots of land for example in Igongo and Katojo in Biharwe division, Kyarwabuganda and Kakoma in Kakiika division among others.

If you’re looking to acquire land in Mbarara, Amity Realtors Limited is here to help you buy land in the fast growing City of Mbarara.

For more information call 0200931453/0394883574, Whatsapp 0777564588 or visit Kyosiga House Level 2 Room 305. You can also check out our website for the available listings.

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