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Tap into the growth market economic attributes of Ruti Matooke market, Mbarara city

Posted by admin on July 24, 2022

Urban growth has seen more growth in markets than before, and these markets are now creating a lot of opportunities in diverse fields. Among the markets that are opening up some of these opportunities in Mbarara city is the Ruti Matooke market commonly known as Kikoona market in Mbarara city-Nyakayojo-Bugamba-Mwizi-Kabuyanda in Isingiro district. This same road is a gateway to both Tanzania through Isingiro district and Rwanda through Ntungamo district.

Marketplaces are where organizations can provide services and workers find the opportunities most relevant to their mutual benefit and success. Ruti matooke market stands out to be a vibrant, robust, and inclusive opportunity to strategically align both individual and enterprise growth aspirations.

The opportunity to profit from this market is high largely because of the increasing population this market has attracted. It’s estimated that this market attracts a population of over 1000 people, some engaged directly matooke businesses and others in services like operating eating places and other merchandise businesses. Over 600 lorries on daily basis operate in and out of this place including those ferrying in matooke from deep rural areas and others to market destinations internally and foreign. Major destination foreign markets include mainly

People offloading matooke in the Ruti Market

Rwanda and South Sudan while Kampala is the major local market.

To a strategic investor, Ruti matooke market and the surrounding areas should be a target for ideal investment opportunities. For example, think of hotels and accommodation. As already noted some of the business people come as far as Rwanda and South Sudan besides the local ones that come from across the country. So building hotel and accommodation facilities here can be a perfect investment idea.

But also rentals. Some of the people doing business in this market like those involved in loading and offloading matooke, those with eating places and others like drivers would have preferred renting premises instead of going to sleep in lodges at times kilometers away because of limited accommodation facilities in this area.

Mr Musa Adam Bukenya, a lorry driver says if there were rentals around this place it would be cheaper for him than sleeping in a lodge four times a week.


“I spend Shs 160,000 a week on accommodation in a lodge. Besides all this money, the discomfort in lodges, sometimes I want to rest during the day but I can’t find a place because this will mean additional cost for me but if I rented a room I would spend at least Shs 100,000 a month,” explains Mr Bukenya.

Entertainment and recreation centers, the market business boom means that people have some earnings and at one time will want to relax and shake off the stress. So acquiring land and setting up an entertainment and recreation center can be an ideal investment.

The primary resource for the business boom here is matooke. If you observe, the communities around this place have intensified their energies in matooke growing. So buying your acres of land and investing in agriculture also presents an opportunity for you to reap big.


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