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Posted by admin on August 8, 2020

Theres a very visible upsurge of real estate development business in Mbarara and this cannot go down without being appreciated because as players in this industry we know that organised estates are key drivers to development! This is visible across Kampala and the suburbs with testimonies to this effect. In fact, Many people are already experiencing the advantages of well planned and organised estates but for those still stuck in dilemma, it’s time you made up your mind and get plots in estates because they have lots of advantages!!!

1.Organized neighborhood
2. It brings together people from different walks of life–
3.Integrated with like-minded people
4. Appreciation picks up much faster.
5. You are less prone to land grabbers.
4. Payment flexibility
5.Rules and arrangements provided by the estate management e.g beyond plotting the estates and roads, pre-purchase agreements, design, building and rental policies, utilities like water and electricity, and general sanitation.

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