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One in one with Swaga Faraji and how he got to be part of the Amity family

Posted by admin on June 2, 2022

At the age of 19 while in S6 Vacation, Swaga Faraji a.k.a Swagadat while staying at home with his siblings, thought of getting something to keep him engaged and gain some money as he was going to join the university soon. He joined the blue app, Twitter and started tweeting. He is known as Swagadat on social media streets as a young bold influencer this generation has to offer.

“I used to see people on Twitter and I was like let me join the app. And when I joined the app, I was embraced with people that were there. The young generation was there and we interacted very well”, Swagadat.

When his audience grew, Swagadat realized that he could get people to advertise with the audience that he had. And that is when his life changed. Amity, a based real estate company in Mbarara, spotted his huge following and hired started engaging him Virtually ( Digitally) to sell plots during first lockdown (May 2020). He did this so well that when he returned to Mbarara he was welcomed at Amity Realtors LTD and given a physical job as a Digital Manager.

At this time, the company was majorly being run by Tushabe Herbert, one of the Directors and when Swagadat joined, the team grew to 2 people. Fast forward, Amity Realtors ltd has grown and also its team now is compromised of over 10 employees.

He is the longest serving employee of the company with now 2 years.He is a student of a Bachelor’s Degree of Science in Planning and Community Development at MUST. “I get money from Amity Realtors ltd and use it to pay some of the University bills. I mainly facilitate myself in several ways because I come from a humble background. At times my family can and at times cannot”, adds Swagadat.

Having an opportunity at Amity has really done him good. He is very sure that when he gets done with school, he will just continue working with Amity Realtors ltd.“I have grown with the brand so I don’t want to leave at a time it already has grown. At 23 years old, I own a plot as well”, said Swagadat with a big smile on his face.

He continues to advise the young generation that it is not always too late. If you have something in mind you really wished to do, you have to take a step as early as you can. “If I didn’t take that step during the lockdown of joining the online media, I couldn’t have been where I am right now. I have grown in mind and have attained a career at a young age, which I believe will take me higher than I ever thought of”, said Swagadat He adds by thanking Amity for giving him that opportunity. Swaga Faraji now own land in Mbarara courtesy of Amity Realtors LTD.

“Young people, you too can do it”, he concludes.

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