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Posted by admin on October 24, 2020

Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development has recently made modifications in the Ugandan land titles.

However, the modifications made will not affect the land titles that are already existing.“All the Certificates of Title that have already been issued before the date of publication of the notice, based on the old templates of Certificate of Title, shall continue to be used for the purposes and intent” stated the government.

“I hereby modify the forms of Freehold, Mailo and Leasehold Certificates of Title provided for under the Third Schedule to the Registration of Titles (Cap 230) and the Forms for Condominium of Title provided for under the Third Schedule of the Condominium Property Registrations 2002, which modified forms shall come into operation with effect from the date of publication of this notice,”

These include;-

1. A unique matrix bar code shall be imprinted on the title

2. The National Identity Number (NIN) shall be entered against the name of the registered owner

3. Registered Proprietors of land shall now have their phone number and email address imprinted on the title against their name

4. On top of the usual deed plan, a very small version of the deed plan will be imprinted on the body of the

TitleThis notice applied to all new applications for certificates of Title and does not affect already existing TitlesMinistry officials say the features are meant to curb the rampant fraudulent land acquisition in the country and make it hard for a person intending to forge land titles or land transfers.

Many land grabbing cases have been received by the Ministry of Lands, Housing and Urban Development so introducing authentic land titles is the ideal move that the government can make.

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