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Invest in Real Estate Partnerships with Amity Realtors to diversify your investment portfolio

Posted by charol on July 5, 2023

Did you know that investing in real estate partnerships is a valuable venture that could diversify your portfolio? At Amity Realtors besides professionally guiding you throughout your real estate journey, we have a real estate partnership niche that can increase your cash flow and investment opportunities.

• We combine resources and expertise to purchase and develop properties together.

 This enables prospective investors in these partnerships such as;

 > The business community,

> NGOs,

> Private companies

>Government or its agencies and departments to actively profit in the real estate sector but also make it affordable and reliable.

You may want or have wanted to invest in real estate as your retirement perk but you are not sure how to do it or you don’t have time you can also actively take part in the acquisition, development and management of projects at your disposal. Through partnerships, we raise capital with partners to scale up real estate businesses then income and equity can be shared based on the partnership agreements.


Our partnerships aim at pooling resources and potential real estate businesses together to make them profitable but also reliable and affordable. Our partnerships are built around partnership agreements, in doing this we try to use professionals like real estate attorneys, and financial advisers to avoid future problems like legal challenges. The partnership agreements help in defining responsibilities of who is doing what, where and when. In our partnerships each carries a fair share of the workload for example one might take the day-to-day of running projects as others work on strategies to ensure the success of projects. As partners, you have a chance in analysing acquisitions, their development and management as per partnership agreements. Real estate partnerships are a perfect investment for you because it comes with high returns.

At we have many opportunities for partnerships from land acquisitions to the development and management of real estate projects like residential and commercial neighbourhoods and industrial parks. Our partnerships with private companies, NGOs, the Government, its agencies and departments.

For example in our Private Public Partnerships (PPP) we can work with the government, we provide land and the government builds affordable houses, especially in urban areas and cities. This also can help in reducing the growth of slums and improve the quality of life of the citizens. Government extension of infrastructural facilities like water, electricity and roads in some undeveloped areas can help in developing the sector.

The real estate sector also faces the challenge of financing and partnerships with financial institutions to give affordable loan rates to developers. Companies or individuals can partner with us for land acquisitions, development and management.

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