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Resources &Market availability! Invest in agro-processing & industrialization in Mbarara

Posted by admin on July 6, 2022

The availability and cost of raw materials in Mbarara are the most important factors in determining the success when you invest. The cost of raw materials strongly influences the cost and competitiveness of the project and doing business, risks associated with raw material supply both in volumes and prices are often high.

As many investors ponder how to mitigate these risks and maximise benefits, Mbarara and its surrounding provides an opportunity because of the availability of raw materials. Why then not acquire land here in Mbarara city, district and surrounding districts of Kiruhura, Isingiro, and Rwampara and tap into the sure opportunity for your social-economic transformation agenda.

You may be wondering why new developments and major industries are cropping up in Mbarara city and the surrounding areas. Simple! One of the major drivers has been the availability of raw materials. The region boasts of milk production and matooke growing a reason most potential investors are coming here for example there are over 18 small and large scale milk processing plants in and around Mbarara city. These include Peal Diaries, GBK, Lakeside Dairy, Uganda Crane Creameries Cooperative Milk Processing Union, Abesigana Dairy Farmers, Amos Diaries, Brookside dairies and Vital Tomosis Dairy Ltd.


The availability of these small and large scale milk processing plants is ideally because of the availability of the basic resource which is milk, and despite the availability of these factories there has been always low uptake that at times farmers remain with surplus. This means investing in milk processing and other related products like cheese can be a sure to tap into the ready available resource.

Meat processing factory. The availability of livestock here in the region guarantees an investor in a meat processing factory a sure and steady supply. This also makes it easier for people to invest in Mbarara.

For example Kiruhura district alone has 380,000 heads of cattle, 170,000 goats, and 6000 sheep. There is already a meat processing factory being constructed at Akageti, on Mbarara-Masaka road.

Tannery and Leather factory, Tannery is a hides and skin processing unit that produces quality leather products. With the promising livestock industry in the region so the hides and skins are readily available. The national and global demand for tannery products makes this investment an ideal one and these products include bags, shoes, jackets and slippers.

But as noted above, livestock being one of the economic activities here, you can also invest in putting up a livestock feeds factory. When we talk of livestock we can’t exclude goats and sheep but to get maximum yields here, farmers are not only depending on natural feeds, there are artificial feeds and therefore acquiring land and setting up a feed factory can be an economically viable venture.

Also another investment opportunity to invest in this region is tapping from the banana sector. There are already few players in this sector in wine processing and juice making but the quantity of the banana resource remain unutilised meaning if you tapped in an investment that uses banana as a raw material then you can be assured of your project success and profitability.


The Banana factory at Nyaruzinga in Bushenyi has not satisfied the market and farmers are always crying foul for lack of market for the bananas.

Fertilizer processing factory. You have to understand that the region is pre-definitely by farmers and because of climatic change conditions that has among others resulted in soil infertility means that fertilizer application is key. So setting up a fertilizer factory can be a sure investment in the region.

Cottage Industries. Forget large scale establishments to set up a factory or an industry, cottage industry is another viable project to invest and reap from at your own home establishment. Just buy land, build a home and establish cottage industry which may include soap making, handcraft, and yoghurt and cheese production among others.

Market remains another puller to invest in large and small scale industries in Mbarara and surrounding areas. Factories in food and confectionery for example and most of these have acquired land and put up their own factories for example Ntake bakery in Rwebikoona on Mbarara-Bushenyi road, Kidamalime bakery and Tip Top bread on Mbarara –Isingiro road.

So why not hurry ,partner with Amity Realtors and do your dream but also potential business with reduced risks especially with the availability of the raw material and market base.

Please take a look at the few agro processing factory setup opportunities up for grabs in and around Mbarara and Greater- Ankole area:-Grain milling,Fruits and Vegetable Processing,Dairy (milk and milk products),Eggs and Poultry,Meat and meat products

Fish and other marine food processing,Bakeries,Beverages (tea/coffee/wineries) ,Convenience foods (ready to eat or ready to cook foods) and many others.

for details on how to get factory land or invest in Mbarara, Please reach out

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