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My experience with Amity Realtors Ltd, having started construction in lock down my home will be ready in a few months

Posted by admin on August 5, 2022

My name is Atwine Honest, I work with Hunger fighters Uganda,

In 2020, I decided to use my savings to buy a plot in Mbarara, being that I was not very familiar with this new city, I thought I needed help from someone who knew it very well and which places can be good for me to reside in.

I consulted my work mate Charles because himself was a town boy, he was born and raised in Kakoba, so he was at least better than me who comes from deep villages of Mitooma. Him having been raised from around he somehow had friends from almost every corner of the city.


I talked to him about it and explained to him how I had my 7M and needed a 50*50 plot in Mbarara to start building myself up.

As a concerned friend, he later tried telling my need to some of his friends where a one Deedan by chance had heard about this new company that deals in land, we were forced to carry out simple research about this Amity Realtors Ltd and the results were positive.

We reached up to them, and by that time they had opened their new estates in Biharwe. After visiting their estates they fully explained to me the offer of partial payments on the plots.

This is when I decided to start my payments on a bigger plot of land (100*100ft). I paid the 7M I had in cash with a balance of 3M which I paid in instalments for six months.

After clearing up my balance, the company provided the agreement and the land title for full ownership of the property.


The following year, Amity linked me up to someone with a cheaper excavator/tractor to level up my plot and started construction where in a few months I will own a home within the city boundaries.

Thank you Amity for offering good payment plans to low-income earners to own land within the city boundaries.

2 thoughts on “My experience with Amity Realtors Ltd, having started construction in lock down my home will be ready in a few months

  • Kakyara
    on August 5, 2022

    We don’t need alot of money to buy land , it’s the courage and knowledge about alittle things , if he hadn’t consulted he wouldn’t have known about Amity Realtors ltd

  • Carol Fhidhel
    on August 5, 2022

    These amity guys are just amazing to deal with, the way they handle their things is just on point, my friend from Diaspora used them to acquire land for his mother

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