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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent?

Posted by admin on June 6, 2022

Choosing a real estate Agent in Uganda is among the important steps in a real estate transaction. A good agent can save a transaction that may have otherwise fallen through. Remember that an agent who is not good in terms of real estate business may leave a buyer regretting for years to come. To choose a real estate Agent, it is recommended that an individual visit a trusted real estate company and deal with them directly.
Characteristics of a Good Real Estate Agent.

A good real estate agent is competent in the real estate process, is up to date on local market trends, communicates effectively, and is diligent about following the law. Since a real estate agent may be in close contact for many months, it is also beneficial to find a real estate agent you get along with.
Cultural competence may be an important factor in selecting a real estate agent. For example, if decisions are made make sure it falls in your time. It is important to find an agent who won’t be upset about multiple people coming to a showing. If you observe a weekly holy day, find an agent who will not push you to have showings on that day.

Look for a quality online presence. Statistics show that most people search for real estate online, so you want to choose a real estate agent who has digital marketing skills. Ask the real estate agent how often they are in contact with their clients on the average week because poor communication is a common complaint.


What Do Real Estate Agents do?

A real estate agent is a fiduciary (go between) for a buyer, seller, landlord, or renter in a real estate transaction.
Real estate agents educate, advise, and facilitate their fiduciary throughout the process.

Real estate agents owe fiduciary interest to the person who hires them. This includes an acronym called OLD CAR, which stands for obedience, loyalty, disclosure, confidentiality, and reasonable skill and care.

Beyond basic duties, a real estate agent gets a clear understanding of the needs of the party they represent and handles any showings, whether that involves attending them or scheduling them.


Real estate agents connect their fiduciary with any other professionals they need throughout the transaction.

A gent constantly advises the fiduciary of all their options and tells them when they need to seek legal counsel.

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