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How my father got to know about AMITY REALTORS LTD

Posted by admin on August 5, 2022

Growing up I was not so much of a determined person I must admit, as I was born and raised in a family of hard-working people, both my Maama and Taata were public servants and anyone could tell that we had a promising and admirable household even from far, and it was surely no lie because everything was running smoothly.

Things turned swiftly to the worst after my dad got into an accident and was forced to early retirement, it was such an abrupt and not smooth turn for us as a family, we had to start surviving from my Mum’s salary from which we could get everything including school fees for my siblings, my tuition because I was in my second year at university by then without forgetting my Dad’s Medical bills.


To cut the story short, My father was processing his retirement package underground without any of the family members’ knowledge, it was handed to him in two phrases, and he had always told us that we would love to venture into commercial farming in his retirement age, so he started acquiring land from the nearby villages wherever he could hear anyone selling, but of course, it was in bits and pieces as it was being bought from different owners and from different localities.
One Sunday afternoon as they were slopping down back home with “Mr Biragiro” from the church service, somehow a conversation about “land” was ignited, in particular, land segmentation and my father told his friend about his issue of “pieces of land” So Mzee Biragiro advised Dad to buy land that is “whole” and here he meant land that is not divided.

“Do you think it’s easy to get such today?” my dad asked.
It’s on that day that he was introduced to AMITY REALTORS LTD,

Of course, dad had used all the money by then, so he started planning on how he will sell those chunks of land again so that he could acquire one whole put-together piece of land, fortunately, his second phase of the retirement package was wired on to his account a few months later, so he used that money plus some top up from the little land he had sold back and bought a great farmland from Amity Realtors Ltd.


He started his coffee farm and he has already tasted “coffee money”, my whole worry was about how I could be forced to turn into a care take immediately after campus, anyway, that’s a story of another day.

Truth be told getting big land not divided at the time you need it is not easy, come to Amity we always have a wide variety of LAND because we promised to solve all your land needs, we will always take the hustle to gather it so that we can help you save time and resources at the last-minute.


The person that shared this story is a son to one of our clients.

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