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Posted by admin on July 30, 2022

Aisha Namuli felt the need to own land in 2013, to engage in farming, an activity that would help her yield more money on top of what she was getting from her shoe selling business, she decided to save with her friends as a group.

“To achieve my goal, I decided to join hands with a group of five friends and we decided to save together to buy land. This way, we managed to raise Shs8m and bought a piece of land which we split among ourselves with each one processing the legal documents for their piece of land individually.”


Namuli adds, “People save for different reasons, depending on their priorities. But owning a piece of land might be one of those priorities. But you need to know that saving for land requires different practical tips that are likely to work for you and one of them is the need to sacrifice if you want to achieve your goal.

Now a farmer, Namuli says as a group they decided to raise Shs100,000 each at the end of every month something they did for 16 months.

They managed to buy two acres of land in Kakiri which they divided among themselves.

Joining as a group to save money in order to achieve a desired goal is not something easy because you can never know each other’s motive, some may not be trustworthy.

So getting the right ones to deal with may not be an easy task. “I am just grateful to the team I came up with because we are all strong women who wanted to at least own something,” Namuli explains.


At Amity Realtors Ltd we have sold land to several saving groups, youth clubs and investment clubs. We encourage all groups out there to come and purchase land from us for with an initial installment payment of at least 30% of the total payable amount.

Visit us at our offices at Kyosiga House room 305, MackanSignh Street, Mbarara City.Contacts +256777564588/+256755282898 |

Story Credit: Daily Monitor Tuesday, March 01, 2016

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