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In this section, we tackle some of the Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Qs) that revolve around our business as a real estate company. The responses seek to provide simple, clear and relevant answers that can instill confidence and empower you towards an informed purchase decision.

Response: Yes & No

1. Does your land have titles?

Some of the land that we sell has titles.

70% of our land / plot offers don’t have titles because the land we offer on the market majorly falls in the customary land tenure system category. What comes with such land instead, are purchase agreements and other support documents that allow one to ably process a title on their own.

2.How long and how much is processing a title from scratch?

Response: Processing a land title from scratch takes an average of 4-6 months depending on where one is processing it from in Uganda. The associated costs range from UGX 1.5 to 4m depending on nature, size and who is handling the process (surveyor, law firm, real estate agent) on your behalf.

3.Do you operate in other areas of the country?

Response: No. Our operations are currently limited to Mbarara but we hope to spread our presence to other parts of Uganda in the next 2-3 years.

4.Do you allow installments?

Response: Yes, we do allow installment payments to anyone who is unable to pay up entire purchase price for a given plot of land at once.

5.How much time do you give to someone to clear payments?

Response: We allow a maximum of 60 days (2 months) for one to pay up balance due on his / her plot of land.

6.Does your land have utilities –like power, water and roads?

Response: Some of the land we offer on the market has power and water on site while in other instances, such amenities are within a radius of 1-3km from the estates. Access roads across all our properties are at their best to allow for convenient and efficient navigation by anyone accessing such.

7.Areas /locations where your plots are?

Response: Our plots are located in different parts of Mbarara city (mainly) within a radius of 7-16km (from the city center) along major roads that lead one out of Mbarara.

8.Terrain and accessibility?

Response: The terrain is majorly of flatlands and hilly appeal with wide network of roads that are routinely maintained to ease movement of people and goods.

9.What is the standard size of the plots you sell?

 Response: Our plot sizes are 50ft by 100ft (the equivalent of 12.5 decimals).

10.How do you ensure that your land is free from wrangles or any other encumbrances?

Response: We ensure that our land is free from wrangles through a carefully thought out due diligence process that’s aided by a team of legal advisors, surveyors, land specialists and responsible local authorities.

11.If I buy land in any of your estates, is there is certain development standard say for a residential that I must conform to or I develop as per my preferences?

Response: As a company, we don’t have standard development procedure that one must conform to. However, developments within the city are guided by set urban planning guidelines as a way of catering for organized neighborhoods that provide for uniformly acceptable spatial order.

12.Do you process titles as a company or it’s something one has to outsource from other service providers?

Response: We don’t process land titles as a company but given our experience in the business, we normally recommend competent individuals / entities that assist with such especially in Mbarara and Kampala. However, we feel that in 2022, we will be able to have title processing under our service mix as a way of providing for a one stop point where anyone can access variety services.

13.In the event that one has failed to say pay up balance due on a plot to nil, do you say refund monies already paid and repossess the land? If yes, does such a refund attract any charges / fees?

Response: First, it’s important to appreciate that as a company, our desire every day is to see people own land at the most affordable prices and unbeatable payment plan. However, in some instances, it never turns out the way we wish and for some people, unexpected occurrences take center stage, making it impossible for one to pay up to nil. In the event that one is unable to pay up and it necessitates a refund to allow for selling of land to those who can afford, we honor refunds less 20% of monies already paid.

14.Is someone allowed to say start using land (say putting up a house, farming,..) before paying up for the plot to nil?

Response: No, using land comes with full ownership which is only validated by      effecting payments to Nil.

15.Does Mbarara have specific areas that are suitable for recreational, residential / apartments, commercial developments for anyone planning to invest in such on a large scale? If yes, what are those areas that would yield value in the short, medium and long-term?

Response: Mbarara is endowed with a mix of geographical and cultural diversity that’s provides a wider picture for business and investment opportunities. Places such as Kakoba, Ruharo, and Nyamitanga provide for investment opportunities tailored to meet the rapidly growing demand for residential properties such as rentals. Nyakisharara, Biharwe provide for suitable recreational facilities such as hotels, events venues among others. The city center and it’s immediate outskirts (within 1 km radius) still offers prime properties for upscale commercial properties such as shopping arcades, malls among others for a growing urban middle income class.

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