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Eucalyptus trees, the hidden treasure in Real Estate Industry

Posted by charol on June 30, 2023

As the subdivision of land continues to increase in the country to give way for development, less land remains available for agriculture, this has also led to a reduction of land available for timber production to the extent that some of the timber products are now being imported. Eucalyptus trees are the tree species many commercial farmers look up to because of their multipurpose, fast-growing and ready market.

Natural forests can no longer keep pace with the demand for timber because of deforestation and environmental degradation. Rapid urbanization has also led to the high demand for eucalyptus timber needed for housing, the growth of the real estate industry requires enough supply of timber for construction but also the growing population increases demand for furniture. This thus explains the reason why investing in tree-growing for construction, energy transmission and timber remains an ideal venture.

Also to note also is that as the country moves to invest in infrastructure especially the energy sector to support industrial growth the demand for electricity transmission poles continues to be high for example the commissioning of the Kagyera-Murongo dam and the yet-to-be-constructed Nshungyezi power dam will require more electric poles to distribute power to homes, urban centres and industrial parks.

How to Earn from Eucalyptus Trees with Amity Realtors

At Amity Realtors we have made your investment in Eucalyptus trees very easy. In an attempt to add value to some of the land markets in our possession, we have chosen to plant some clonal eucalyptus trees. This means besides acquiring land with us, you stand a chance to have another viable investment on that land.

But also if you identify and purchase land with us and choose to have an investment in eucalyptus trees there, we can do it for you right from acquiring seedlings to planting and taking care of your plantation for up to three months. We can also help you acquire a land title for your land.

Why Eucalyptus trees?

We chose clonal eucalyptus trees like GU7 because they are quick to mature, climate-friendly, offer better qualities and are disease resistant which means can be reliable in meeting the growing demand for wood and timber products in the country and Mbarara City in particular. After all, they produce large volumes in a short time. For example, whereas an indigenous eucalyptus tree takes between 15-20 years to be ready for harvest, clonal eucalyptus trees take between 5-10 years.

For Clonal Eucalyptus in a year, you will already have trees for firewood, 2-6 years have building poles, fencing posts and firewood, 6-8 years electricity poles, telephone poles and firewood then 8 years and above for timber and firewood.

A summary of earnings of Eucalyptus plantation (per m3)You can get firewood (per m3) between Shs 30,000 – 35000, Building poles (per piece) Shs 3000-5000, Fencing posts (per piece) Shs 50,000-100, 000. Electricity poles Shs 80,000 – 150,000 Timber 8-year-old =30pcs of 4 x2

Unlike other investments, eucalyptus trees are not labour-intensive and thus easy to manage. Most of the activities that may require labour include mostly weeding which happens in the first three months of planting.

At Amity Realtors after buying land with a tree plantation we also offer after-sales expertise and advice on how you can maintain your plantation.

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