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Amity-Umoja fund, the stress free land acquisition model you stand not to miss

Posted by admin on January 11, 2023

Land remains a tangible asset one should acquire in lifetime but being a fixed asset, its acquisition remains not only competitive but also challenging.

It continues to be a primary source of wealth because it’s where most economic activities rest but also access to land anywhere in the world is an inseparable ingredient for one to survive, earn, thrive and lift someone and family out of poverty.

However, land acquisition financing remains a big challenge and there is nothing so frustrating as identifying a viable land but failing to acquire it because of economic duress or failing to get professional guidance who can help you with a convenient and relaxed land acquisition model.


Yes, it’s a New Year and it has always been our commitment to deliver land acquisition less stressful through research and innovation. Here we come with another stress free acquisition model, Amity –Umoja fund.

Amity Realtors through research realized that many people who would have acquired land have failed to do so because of unfavorable terms, especially that they may not have readily available cash.

“Our land acquisition models have been tailored to see our clients acquire land ranging from commercial, residential and farmland through convenient and relaxed payment models. Recently we had a model where our clients would be given three months’ installments to clear land acquired but we realized most people were missing out because the periods seemed too short,” explains Mr. Herbert Tushabe, The Operations Director Amity Realtors.

He explains that because of the above challenge, it is a reason the company through its researchers and professionals came up with an Amity-Umoja fund that will enable them to capitalize clients to acquire land.

Under this land acquisition model, a client visits Amity offices and looks at various properties we have on market, they then choose the land of interest from our videos which are well displayed on our screens in office. We then go ahead and Visit the property of their choice for free.


If a client likes the property, we then do a desk assessment about his or her capacity to pay for that land, then we agree on payment schedule (This process takes 2 days at most). Under the Umoja fund, the funding has an option of 6 months, one year, two years and three years (and enables acquisitions of lands from as low as 3.5 million up to Shs. 100 million.

After this process is properly done, and we find the client eligible then the client can start paying by monthly installments. With this land acquisition model there is no reason whether you are a small income earner, business person or in formal employment you have no reason to let this lifetime opportunity slip off.

But also as the country’s population continues to grow the demand and value for land is increasing, so getting affordable land in future may be a challenge so why not capitalize on such opportunities now and own a piece of land.

At Amity we have residential, commercial and farmlands in Mbarara and across the western region.

Also interesting to note is professionalism remains top on our agenda in all our land acquisitions, we do due diligence, background checks, and research before acquiring or putting any of our lands to make sure there are no any future challenges to our clients.

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